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Founder + Licensed Esthetician

A few things about me...

Favorite Food: Salmon

Favorite Movie: All of the Jurassic Park Movies

Favorite Series: Real Housewives of Atlanta + The Chi

Favorite genre of Music: Afrobeats + Neo soul

Birthday: October 9th 

Hidden Talent: While attending fashion school, I discovered my ability to create pastel paintings! 

Before I introduce myself, I would like to thank everyone for their support. I am honored and grateful to serve you all ! 

Many people ask "why did I become an esthetician? " and my answer is quite simple - I love fostering intimate connections with others. It's much deeper than healing the skin, my intention is to aid in healing your mindset and perspective regarding your self-image. 

How It Started 

I'll try and make this short!

In 2017, I relocated from New York to Atlanta, GA with the plan of returning back to college to pursue fashion marketing. That plan quickly dissipated when I could no longer afford the costly tuition. While searching for my next move, I began working at a reputable day spa and instantly, I knew what I wanted to do. The greatest opportunity was presented to enroll into an esthetics program to gain my certification in becoming a Licensed Esthetician. I attended the part-time program and successfully completed 1,000 hours at Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics. And the rest is history! 


Where I'm Headed 

This journey completely redefined my career path and created a newfound desire for wellness. Having the chance to gain practical knowledge and engage with clients on a daily basis has been such an enlightening experience. Often, I received feedback from clients who shared both positive + negative experiences with me regarding their skin journey. They typically express how insignificant or overwhelmed they felt when searching for a solution to aid their skin concerns. The more I listened, the clearer it became - it stemmed from a lack of compassion and disconnect between the professional and client. This realization inspires me to live with a selfless attitude and to compose new advancements by merging the gap between professionals and clients. 

In 2019, I made a concrete decision to enroll in college - this time on a divine assignment. I'm currently in pursuit of becoming a Physician Assistant.

Ultimately, I would like to study holistic medicine and become a Naturopathic Doctor to better serve low-income communities and make holistic health more accessible to everyone! 

I've never expected any of this to transpire, but when we tap into who we really are, our true purpose unfolds right before our eyes. 

I'm constantly encouraging and reminding myself to: 

Be You. Be True. Live Purposefully. 

Mashari R. 
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